As you ask yourself how to convince your parents for inter religion marriage, the answer lies in adopting a systematic approach. The first step of the approach must be to realize that you need to implement a number of steps, one after the other, when encountering failure in each until you reach success in your goal. It is not an objective that you are going to achieve right away. With the guidance of a specialist, you can adopt better strategies and also some unconventional approaches such as chanting of matras to influence your parents.

Religions are not much different

When you convince your parents for inter religion marriage, you can try and bring this fact to the notice of your parents. All religions have been formed to provide people with some dos and donts. They require their adherents to adopt some regular practices in day to day life. Some have rigorous prescriptions such as adopting some particular outward appearance, not allowing idols to be used, regular visits to the places of worship etc. Some religions originate in faraway places and will have the cultural practices of those places central to their customs and rituals. These are the reasons that some religions appear foreign even as they pursue the same goal.

Retain your religion

Another way that you can convince your parents for inter religion marriage is if you do not convert to the religion of your partner. When this happens, the parents will be afraid that their child will become removed from their way of life and ultimately from themselves. If you can assure your parents that you will not convert to the religion of your partner, then you have a good chance of gaining their acceptance.

Move over to atheism

Another way of gaining the nod from parents is if both the persons make a statement to their respective parents that they renounce their respective religions and that they will henceforth not consider the existence of God as a critical component of their lives. Alternately, they can state that they are both converting to a different third religion so as to remove the possibility of each being seen as influencing the other. Ultimately, in love there has to be no conditions between the two individuals in whatever way be it religious choice or choice to work etc.

Specialist advice of experts

When you seek the services of an expert, you can work on the task of convincing parents even if it appears impossible at the outset. With all efforts advanced to the task, including the conduct of any special rituals to help the couple succeed in their quest to be united in marriage, all tough stances can be worked on and acceptance secured for the wedding.

Choice of religion for children

It will be a different experience for children as they might sometimes feel that they belong to neither of the religions their parents follow. In such a scenario, care must be taken that they do not feel isolated especially if the place where they live consists of a majority of either of the two religions. In such a situation, the best option is to raise them in a neutral religion.

How to Convince your Girlfriend’s Parents for an Intercast Marriage

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