black magic to destroy someone marriage

black magic to destroy someone marriage

black magic to destroy someone marriage

Black magic has been used during ancient time and it has got the huge success among people. This black magic will improve your way of living and gives complete security to you. If you have the different kind of problem like destroying someone’s marriage then this problem will also be resolved through black magic. Can you believe that but it is true. Black magic to destroy someone marriage will immensely helpful for you as it will take you to the way to benefit only. If you are indeed getting lot of benefit with the destruction of someone marriage then you should immediately go for the black magic before it becomes too late.

Marriage is the real bond and it is not easy to break the relationship of marriage as it is done by lot of vidhi vidhan. But black magic is strong enough to break the marriage and the take out the peace from your marriage. If you indeed decided to destroy the marriage of your enemy or someone then you can use strong harming black magic and after doing this your wish to see someone suffering intensely with the need of the relationship of marriage with broken heart. The end of their marriage relationship is making you happy and it is as the token of your revenge then it is possible with the few steps of black magic rituals.

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The strong step of black magic to destroy someone marriage

You should have few things before you when you are doing this black magic spell like four black candles, a picture of victim, anointing oil, and a picture of the person whose marriage you want to spoil and you can take the image of the couple as well.

Apart from all these, you should have the hammer, two nails, a red marker and block of wood. With all that stuff after indulging in the process you have to visualize in your mind that the marriage couple re fighting like hell to their extreme and the part of violence. Visualize their divorce and separation. Now you have to place the picture of the victim in the blocks of the wood and with the red marker draw a red heart on the forehead and on the chest of the victim in the picture. Now you need to take your hammer and insert the nails into the heart drawn on the chest of the victim. By doing all these you have to say few words like “with the nail I stab your heart soon your love so near will part”.

Next step:

You need to insert the black candles on four points around the pic of the victim. Place it in south, north, east and west. Your face should be in east direction and light all 4 candles meditate the spoil of their marriage relationship. The wax of the candle should be drawn on to the pictures and symbolizing him being surrounded by darkness and negativity. If you want to be more proper then visit our baba ji to know the secret mantra from which you will be failing in your purpose.

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